Delyse's Teaching

Delyse's Performances in 2008

The self-devised performance piece entitled Take Up Arms was co-directed by Catherine Heffernan and Delyse Ryan.


Dr Delyse Ryan

Delyse's teaching at ACU varies each year. Students are advised to consult their e-learning sites for specific information related to each unit. You will find resources such as e-mail lists, lecture notes, and special announcements which are all designed to support your learning.


Recent Units Taught by Delyse Ryan:


Unit Code Unit Name
PERF104 Introduction to Drama
MEDA209 Film and Television as Text
PERF201 Contemporary Theatre
PERF203 Plays and Playhouses
PERF205 The Production Process
PERF206 Theatre in a Social Context
PERF207 Australian Drama
PERF212 Modernism to Post-modernism
PERF215 Screen Studies
PERF216 Theatre Performance
PERF218 Indigenous Performance
PERF302 Drama: Independent Study
ENGL104 Introduction to Literature
ENGL210 Shakespeare and the Renaissance
COMM102 Introduction to Communication
COMM103 Written Communication



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