Delyse's Performances in 2008

The self-devised performance piece entitled Take Up Arms was co-directed by Catherine Heffernan and Delyse Ryan.



This page features some links that will be useful for your studies in Drama at ACU.


Official ACU Links:

ACU National: The University's Home page.

ACU Library: Access the catalogue and database resources of ACU's Libraries.

elearning: This site allows you to access teaching resources for units that you have enrolled in.

ACU Handbook: This link will lead you to the description of the BA and the units offered in Drama.


Drama Links :

Learning to Learn in Drama: Website created for ACU drama students. This site offers pointers for helping you to study Drama effectively at University.

The Academy: Literature & Drama Website: Website created for ACU Drama and Literature students. It is encyclopedic in scope and covers most of the major authors and playwrights taught at ACU. It also has extensive information that will be relevant to the subjects that we teach.

ADSA: Home page for the Australasian Association for Theatre Drama and Performance Studies.

Theatre Journals: Helpful online resources for Drama research.

Complete Works of Shakespeare: Online texts of the bard's plays and poems.

Project Gutenberg: Online source for electronic texts.

Costumer's Manifesto: Useful source for costume design.



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