Drama at ACU

Drama at ACU

Delyse's Performances in 2008

The self-devised performance piece entitled Take Up Arms was co-directed by Catherine Heffernan and Delyse Ryan.


Drama at ACU

To help you to make the most of your studies in Drama, ACU has developed a website entitled "Learning to Learn in Drama".

This site is designed to introduce tertiary students to the disciplines of Drama, Theatre Studies, and Performance Studies. It can be used as a guide to studying Drama at ACU. It provides an extension of the work that is able to be conducted in a typical Drama subject. The main purpose of this site is to help students to become critically reflective learners.

Why Do We Study Drama?

Through drama you can become:

By understanding drama you can learn to understand anyone, anywhere anytime.  Plays often capture the essence of a culture or a group within that culture.  They reveal the attitudes and opinions of their day.



 Drama As A Co-operative Process:

Personal Benefits:

Drama Influences our Lives:

By studying drama: