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Title The Role of the Catholic School Principal in the Face of Modern Day Challenges and Demands: Key behaviours, issues, perceptions, challenges and dilemmas facing Catholic school principals in the late 1990s
Author Slattery, Michael Joseph
Institution Australian Catholic University
Date 1998
Abstract In light of the challenges faced by post-modern principals, and the changes in the Catholic Church and in Catholic education, this study aimed to analyse and identify the work of the principal in a Catholic school in the late 1990s. This meant examining the perceptions of the principal's work as identified by principals themselves, and those key players who work with them in Catholic schools. The study identified the key behaviours of principals in Catholic schools, and the factors that tend to enhance or inhibit their work. In the initial phase of the research, the instrument used in the study was a self administered questionnaire that consisted of 123 key behaviours which respondents were asked to rate according to degree of importance. The second instrument used was a semi-structured interview with a sample of principals. This methodology was designed as a further check on reliability and validity of the questionnaire. It was apparent from this research that in the late 1990s, it was essential that the principal in a Catholic school be committed to creating an authentic Catholic school where a climate of care prevailed, and where respect and privacy for families was upheld. The principal must be committed to whole school philosophy, orientated toward servant leadership, and able to articulate and bring into practice the ethos of a Catholic school. As well, the study showed that it was crucial for the Catholic school principal to ensure appropriate staffing, and that an atmosphere of co-operation and communication existed within the school community. In developing policies that incorporated the ideals of the Vision Statement, the study suggests that the Catholic school principal ensured that excellence in all areas of human growth is treasured. Bearing in mind that each participating group indicated different priorities, support for the principal and the development of skills, is essential for their work to be effective in Catholic schools of the new millennium.
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