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Title Gifted Origins to Graced Fulfilment: The Soteriology of Julian of Norwich
Author Hide, Kerrie Margaret Mary
Institution Australian Catholic University
Date 1999
Abstract Within the discipline of theology, this thesis examines the soteriology presented in the Revelations of Divine Love, composed by Julian of Norwich (1343 - ca. 1420). Through an exegesis of the Paris copy of the Middle English manuscript, the research analyzes the understanding of salvation implicit in the text. This study builds on and expands previous theological inquiry into Juiian’s texts. A hermeneutic for interpreting the theology expressed in this mystical literature creates guiding principles for interpretation. After demonstrating how in essence all Julian I s theology is a trinitarian theology of love, the investigation addresses each aspect of Julian's soteriology within the framework of her Trinitarian formula. The formula encapsulates the human journey summarized as: in the first we have our being, in the second we have our increasing, and in the third we have our fulfilling. The theological precis reveals that for Julian, salvation is a process of oneing from God to God. "In the first we have our being" appraises Julian's creation theology and her anthropology. "In the second we have our increasing" focuses on her Christology. It presents Christ's role in redemption through the cross, through his work as servant and his function as mother. "In the third we have our fulfilling" examines the importance of the Holy Spirit. It presents Juiian’s understanding of a partially realized experience of salvation and eschatology that expresses hope for final fulfilment in God. Julian's understanding of salvation, consolidated in her statement all shall be well, creates a soteriology grounded in a theology of the presence and action of divine love, in all things, from gifted origins to graced fulfilment.
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